Our Great Customers

At The Red Chair, we pride ourselves on not only having some of the best food in Perth, we also like to think that our staff and especially our customers are also worthy of a mention. We not only cater for Subi locals, we also look after the many business employees that work around the area with breakfast, lunch and even packed meals for their evening meal. If you haven’t been to see us yet, make sure you come and try what we have to offer real soon. You wont be disappointed, we guarantee it!

Wayne, Thanh and the super staff at The Red Chair!

Always Busy is The red Chair

Always busy at The Red Chair

The Girls from Shenton Park Physio

The crew from Shenton Park Physio. Our green shirt girls!

West Coast Eagle Legends

West Coast Eagle legends


The Crew From Medtronic

The team from Medtronic in Subi

Subi Mums and Their Brood

Subi mums and their brood

Subi Primary Lads

Subi Primary School lads. Milkshakes and cookies all round!

Ken and The Boys

Ken and the boys in for breakfast

One of the Best in Keith

Keith, always on time for his daily pot of English breakfast tea

Good Mates Ian, Paul and Adrian

Good mates Ian, Paul, Adrian and three flat whites!

One Very Famous Texan

One very famous Texan is our Jack

Local Subi Joy

Lots of fun are our local Subi gals and lads

Kerry and Friends

Sandi, Kerry and Marion in for lunch

Rupert Street Neighbours

Rupert street neighbours in for a chat which always comes with cappuccinos and long macs

Three Best Friends

Jess, Megan and Chloe who are always very welcome!

These Guys Are All Heart

This gathering each month is all heart

Charlotte and Libby

Charlotte and Libby

GMPM Glamor

Red dress for a red chair, pure glamour!

iiNet Crew

iiNet crew during one of their Friday feasts!

Vera and Friends

Subi City Council crew in for lunch

Visitors from Thailand

Even visitors from Thailand seek us out for our awesome food!